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KptKosmiT91's Alternative Gun Sounds

Author: KptKosmiT91 | Mod updated: Dec, 12 | Game version: | Mod version: 1.0
Downloads: 2.08 K
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NOTE: This mod is still work in progress, so it is not finished. It will be updated from time to time
NOTE2: This mod is made in such a way that it should not break with new WoT versions. So if a new version of WoT comes, simply try moving the mod from the old mod folder to the new one (or download it from this site, even if it says it’s for a different version). This should work as long as WG doesn’t update Wwise to a new version

This mod replaces the current 100-150mm+ sounds with new ones. All the sound effects’ volume are controlled by the “Effects” slider, and are also affected by the general slider

- Sounds found in WoT files
-War Thunder (single audio clip only in 105-122mm sound event)
-Space Engineers - Automatic gun sounds
No copyright infringement intended

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-Fast support if you need any help
-A place to chat with other users!
NOTE: It just started on 2018/12/02, so it is still very young, and at it’s early stage of development!

Installation Guide

Installing this mod is very simple. All you have to do is put the downloaded .WOTMOD file into (YourWorldOfTanksDirectory)/mods/(NewestVersion)
Don’t mistake the “mods” folder to “res_mods” folder! They are different things!

Change Log

  • 1.0
    Updated for WoT
  • 1.0
    -Improved all sound events with new echos -Improved large (105-125mm) gun sounds with far away sounds
  • 0.9.8
    Fixed mod version... it is now 0.9.8 (as it should be) instead of 9.8 lol
  • 9.8
    For WoT
  • 9.8
    -Updated for WoT 1.2 Sorry for the delay!
  • 0.9.7c
    Updated to version Improvements to the sound events: -105mm-123mm gun sounds now have a shell sound. -Improved sound in sniper mode for 127mm-150mm guns
  • 0.9.7b
    Updated to new Wwise version to work with 1.1
  • 0.9.7
    -Automatic Gun Sounds Source: Space Engineers
  • 0.9.5
    -Optimized the size of the mod - it is now much smaller (4.5mb vs 8.8mb) and should improve performance slightly -Added sound event for 100mm guns -Improved the 122-150mm sound event -Other improvements
  • 0.9
    -Added sounds for 105-122mm guns -Improved the sounds of other existing sound events -Fixed some audio clips not being affected by the "Effects Slider"
  • 0.8b
    -Fixed double "audioww" folder


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