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Solo's Easy Модпак

Author: soloviyko | Mod updated: Sep, 15 | Game version: 1.1.0 | Mod version: 1.0.6
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Solo’s Модпак – один из лучших на EU и NA кластерах. Собравший больше 2 миллионов на EU и 18 миллионов просмотров на NA форумах. Полюбившейся многими Топ кланами этих кластеров.

Модпак включает в себя самые полезные моды со всего танкового мира – от умных прицелов и интерфейсов до шкурок с зонами пробития и программы для поднятия ФПС на слабых ПК.

Интуитивный инсталлятор имеет подробную и удобную пошаговую установку, скриншоты модификаций и воспроизведение звуковых модов. Теперь вы легко можете услышать и увидеть моды то того как установите на свой ПК.

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Change Log

  • 1.0.6
    -YasenKrasen -Gnomefather's Sounds -Pogs Icons
  • 1.0.5
    -XVM 7.7.2 crash-fix v3 (missions fixed) -KoreanRandom HitSkins -Esther HitSkins -Echoes of War GunSounds -Monty Python Voice -Icons Mirror Fix
  • 1.0.4
    -XVM 7.7.2 crash-fix v2 -YesenKrasen (today’s micropatch) -Hells Minimalistic Hangar (part of Hang Manager) -Duke Nukem Voice -Riskynet’s Icons -Pog’s Icons
  • 1.1.3
    -XVM 7.7.1 crash-fix -AutoCamo Selector -TheFalkonett’s skins -WWIIHWA Gunsounds -Updated most crew sounds (Except Duke, Julie and Poni)
  • 1.1.2
    -XVM 7.7.1 -MultiHitLog -Debug Panels -Sixth Sense Extended -No Fog -All Tweaker Mods -Battle Assistant
  • 1.0.45
    -YasenKrasen -TheFalkonett’s skins -Riskynet’s Icons -Fix Store -Fix Strongholds
  • 1.0.44
    -New Site -Tank Icons -White Tanks and Tracks -Mirror Icons Fix -YasenKrasen -WWIIHWA Gunsounds -Gnomefather's Sounds -Solo’s Crosshair -Marks of Excellence
  • 1.0.43
  • 1.0.42
    -XVM 7.7.0 -MultiHitlog -DebugPanels -Team Damages -Gnomefather's Sounds -HangMan
  • 1.0.40
    -XVM 7.6.9 -YasenKrasen -Hitskins -TheFalkonett’s skins -Safeshot -Wot Multi-Client
  • 1.0.39
  • 1.0.37
    -XVM Fixes (Fix crashes on XP) -MultiitLog
  • 1.0.36
    -XVM 7.6.7 MacOS HotFIx (Info: XVM is experiencing server issues, you might not see stats. -HangMan -HitSkins -White Tank Tracks -MultiHitlog -DebugPanels -MultiClient
  • 1.0.35 Patch Update
  • 1.0.34
    -Important: added WoT Integrity Check should run it once every game patch -XVM -6 Sense Sounds -MicroPatch
  • 1.0.33
    -Important: If you experience crashing, try Integrity Check of the game -DebugPanels -Sounds -MultiHitLog
  • 1.0.31
    -XVM 7.6.4 “Stable” -HitSkins -Sounds
  • 1.0.30
    -XVM (still not fully stable, might still crash client) -WWIIHWA Gunsounds -Tank Icons -YasenKrasen -Nano-patch update -Harpoon -Removed Miruku/Milky skins – author quit WoT -TheFalkonett’s Skins (known bug: stuck at 'updating the garage'. change to another tank will fix it) -HitSkins (removed temporarily, related to client crashing)
  • 1.0.29
    -XVM (still not fully stable) -Icons -Marks of Excellence -Mirror Icon Fix -Gnomefather's Tank Sounds -HangMan
  • 1.0.28
  • 1.0.27
    -XVM more stable, but still not perfect -Icons -YasenKrasen -CamoAutoEquip -Tweaker
  • 1.0.26
    -Patch -Some mods are disabled until they are stable
  • 1.0.25
    -FPS Optimization -XVM 7.6.3 -Sound Bug Fixes -MultiHitLog -DebugPanel -AutoCamoEquip -Marks of Excellence
  • 1.0.24
    -Nano-Patch Update -XVM 7.6.2 -Jimbo Crosshair -XVM Configs
  • 1.0.23
    -XVM 7.6.1 -All tank Icons -Gnomefather's Tank Sounds -WWII Historical War Tank Sounds -WoT Multi-Client
  • 1.0.22
    -XVM -BattleHits -White Tracks -White Tanks -Mirror Icon Fix -Icons
  • 1.0.21
  • 1.0.20
    -MultiHitLog (FPS Boost) -Debug Panels -FPS Boost in Front Line mode -Added Team Damages -Added Camo AutoEquip
  • 1.0.19
    -HangMan crash fix -KoreanRandom -Mirrored Icons Fix -Patch Prep
  • 1.0.18
    U5[1.0.18] 5/8/18 -Front Line Fix -HangMan -Marks of Excellence U4[1.0.17] 5/5/18 -J1mB0's, Crystal and WG White Crosshairs -Tweaker Mods -Gnomefather's Tank Sounds -WWII Historical War Tank Sounds
  • 1.0.17
    -J1mB0's, Crystal and WG White Crosshairs -Tweaker Mods -Gnomefather's Tank Sounds -WWII Historical War Tank Sounds
  • 1.0.16
    -Fixed FPS drops -Fixed Game Freezing on Battle loading -Melty, Tippan, WoWp, Solo’s, Deegie Crosshairs
  • 1.0.15
    -Removed Marks of Excellence, author quit WoT, caused freezes on loading -DamagePanels -Icons
  • 1.0.14
    -Patch Ready
  • 1.0.12
    -Added ability to expand mod categories by clicking on “+” next to some mods, this will reduce clutter and improve user experience -Demon XVM -Added 10 New Crosshairs -Added 10 New Damage Panels -Lots of updates to mods, lost count. -P-Mod -I’ve done a lot of changes in this update, please let me know if you found something that isn’t working. https://soloviyko.com/bug-report/
  • 1.0.11
    -XVM 7.5.6 -Harpoon -WoT Region Changer- Multiple Servers with One Client
  • 1.0.10
    -Micro-Patch Ready -World of Warplanes Blue -World of Warplanes Green -3D Icons -Esther HitSkins -GeneralVonRupa HitSkins
  • 1.0.9
    -Exhaust Smoke Tweak -Wreckage Smoke Tweak -Shot Smoke and Flames Tweak -Tank Hit Effect Tweak -Tank Destruction Effect Tweak -Object Hit Effect Tweak -TheFalkonett's UUP (Animated Tank Models) -WoT Tweaker Plus /w Texture Compressor (Jove Edition) -Echo of War Gun sounds -WWII Historical War Gun sounds -Italian -French, Czech, Croatian, Dutch
  • 1.0.8
    -Monty Voice -Micro-Patch Ready -XVM 7.5.5 -Added Tank Name Markers -Added Teamnate Name -Added Lamps Spotted Markers -Added Eyes Spotted Markers -Added Stars Spotted Markers -Armor Info -Battle Hits -Added TessuMod - WOT/Teamspeak Integration
  • 1.0.7
    -XVM -Hardscope -YasenKrasen -Marks of Excellence -Gun Constraints -Chat Extended -Vehicle Exp Extended
  • 1.0.6
    -J1mB0’s Crosshair -MicroPatch Ready -MultiHitLog -TheFalkonett's UUP (Animated Tank Models) -WoT Region Changer- Multiple Servers with One Client -XVM -Demon’s XVM -HARPOON Easy -Added German translation for Installer and Mods
  • 1.0.5
    -Hardscope Crosshair -Deegie*s Sights -J1mB0*s Icon Set -Hangar Manager -MultiHitLog -Monty Python Voice -Added Polish translation for Installer and Mods
  • 1.0.4
    -XVM Stable 7.5.0 -Solo's Crosshair -Tipan 2 Crosshair -Tipan Crosshair -My Little Pony Voice -Duke Nukem Voice -Minions Voice -Julie Voice -Steel Foxes
  • 1.0.3
    -XVM -Marks of Excellence -Gnomefather's Historical Realism Gun Sounds -Monty Python Voice -Accurate Damage Indicator -Indicator by Dikey93
  • 1.0.2
    -XVM -Riskynet’s Icons -Pogs Icons -YasenKrasen -Solo's Crosshair -Tipan 2 Crosshair
  • 1.0.1
    -XVM -P_MoD -Battle Assistant -Sounds Extended -Battle Hits
  • 1.0.0
    -First Update for Patch 1.0.0 -Some Mods are Disabled (greyed out) until they are updated by their authors. -Expect more updates soon
  • 9.22.7
    -MultiHitLog (fix skirmishes) -Added Italian Language -Added Romanian Language -Updated Hungarian Language -Added few missing Previews -Attempt at optimizing mod previews(had reports of slow previews on some systems, let me know if it was fixed) -Added Marks of Excellence -WoT 1.0 Prep
  • 9.22.6
    -XVM fix -All tank icons -Added Hungarian language to Installer, mods will follow -Re-written the Installer code from scratch, report any issues.
  • 9.22.5
    -XVM micro-patch 2 -OverCross -HARPOON -HARPOON Easy -Mirrored Icons Fix -YasenKrasen -MultiHitLog -DebugPanel -White Dead Tanks -White Damaged Tracks -My Little Pony -WoT Region Changer
  • 9.22.4
    -Fix crashing caused by sound mod -XVM 7.4.1
  • 9.22.3
    -Micro-patch Update -Added Gnomefather’s Sounds -Added Echo of War Sounds -Added WWII Historical War Sounds -Added Julie Crew Voice -Added Steel Foxes Crew Voice -Added Minions Crew Voice -Added Duke Nukem Crew Voice -Added My Little Pony Crew Voice -Added Monty Python Crew Voice -Moved Sounds Ex from Solo’s Extra to Sounds category
  • 9.22.2
    -Jimbo’s Crosshair -Jimbos’s Icons -Riskynet’s Icons -YasenKrasen
  • 9.22.1
    -Initial Update for 9.22 Release
  • 9.21.12
    -Patch Prep -Added TheFalkonett's UUP (Animated Tank Models) -Fixed HangarMan and cap circles -Updated Jimbo’s Crosshair
  • 9.21.11
    -MultiHitLog -DamagePanels -PMoD tweaks -Installer optimization, new method of WoT directory detection -9.22 Prep -WG Portal Integration -Mirrored Icon FIx
  • 9.21.10
    -XVM 7.3.3 -BattleHits -Damage Panels -YasenKrasen -MultiClient -MultiHItLog -DebugPanels
  • 9.21.9
    -ModPack is now 4 Years old, yeeeyya -Micro-Patch Ready
  • 9.21.8
    -XVM 7.3.2 -YasenKrasen -MiltiClient -MultiHitLog -DebugPanel -Jimbo Icons
  • 9.21.7
    -MicroPatch Update
  • 9.21.6
    -XVM 7.3.1 should fix crashing after battle -HangManager fix freezing for tank preview -Small optimizations
  • 9.21.4
    -XVM (almost stable, might experience crash after battle) -Solo*s Crosshair -Taipan -Taipan 2 -Deegie*s Sights -Reticles for some crosshairs have been removed (mods above not affected) -Delete crosshair_Controls.wotmod if experience client freeze when playing arty -All Tank Icons -MultiHitLog -DebugPanel -White Dead Tanks -White Damaged Tracks -All HitSkins (DLC)
  • 9.21.2
    -Updated All Crosshairs -P_MoD -XVM -Damage Panels
  • 9.21.1
    First release for Patch 9.21
  • 9.20.21
    U21 [9.20.20] 11/29/17 -OverCross Crosshair -Fixed Stroghold and Clans Bug
  • 9.20.16
    -Micro-Patch 11/15/17
  • 9.20.13
    U13 [9.20.13] 11/02/17 -Micro-patch Ready
  • 9.20.7
    U7 [9.20.7] 10/18/17 -Initial Update for Patch 9.20.1
  • 9.20.6
    U6 [9.20.6] 10/12/17 -XVM 7.0.3 -Demon*s XVM -Solo*s XVM -Damage Indicators -MultiHitLog -Minimap Tank Directions -Visible Rail Wagons -HangMan
  • 9.20.4
    U4 [9.20.4] 9/18/17 - XVM - Pogs contour icon - YasenKrasen - MultiHitLog - Gun Constraints


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