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WOTInspector Tech minimaps

by reven86
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Mod version 1.0 Game version
Was updated: May, 16
Downloads: 92


Changes minimaps to new topographical (tech) maps.

All maps are created automatically using heights data of the maps.

Resolution 2048х2048.

Benefits of using tech maps:
- higher resolution 2048x2048
- clear display of no-go areas
- display of every bush, tree and destructible object
- altitude display by color and isolines
- every minimap is made in the same unique style because the images are generated by script

  • Some indestructible objects are marked as destructibles due to limitations of the game client.- единый общий стиль

  • Images are provided by wotinspector.com

Installation Guide

Install wotmod to mods/<version> folder


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