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Прицел Minimalistic Sight

by ShuraBB
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Mod version 02 Game version
Was updated: Jan, 11
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The configuration of the classic sight Minimalistic Sight.
A simple sight that displays all the necessary information and does not block the combat window.

- Time of CD
- Time remaining until the end of the CD
- Number of remaining projectiles in the BC
- Distance to the aiming point
- Current zoom value

In addition in art mode:
- Flight time
- Range of fragmentation
- Circles of calculation forward / backward movement for the tank in the sight.
Also, you can turn on the display of various additional parameters through the config.

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Installation Guide

  • unpack the archive into an arbitrary folder
  • rewrite the “mods” folder from the archive to the WoT directory

Change log

  • 02
    - Адаптация к патчу
  • 02
    - Адаптация к патчу