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DEbranded's contour icons "Budyx69"

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Mod version 1.3 Game version
Was updated: Feb, 15
Downloads: 13


Mod changes contour icons in battle. Works for vanilla and XVM.
Light Tank = yellow
Medium Tank = green
Heavy Tank = grey
Tank Destroyer = blue
Self Propelled Gun = red

Installation Guide

WOT-folder: normally C:\Games\World_of_Tanks
XVM-folder: normally C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\configs\xvm\<name of your xvm-config> (e.g. ASLAIN)

usage: VANILLA
- copy folder \MODS from \VANILLA to your WOT-folder

usage: XVM
- copy folder \MODS from \XVM to your XVM-folder
- copy file ICONSET.XC from \XVM to your XVM-folder
- edit BATTLE.XC in your XVM-Folder to “mirroredVehicleIcons”: false,

Change log

  • 1.3
    updated folder numbers to
  • 1.2
    - new folders for vanilla and xvm - added new tank icons - updated folder numbers to
  • 1.1
    updated folder numbers to
  • 1.0
    update folder numbers


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