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DEbranded's FlagsLib Mod

Author: DEbranded | Mod updated: Aug, 15 | Game version: | Mod version: 1.6
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Custom nation flags (e.g. chinese flag before 1945, french war flag, japan naval flag, …) to be used in flagsLib.swf

The installer makes creation of flagsLib.swf really easy. Just choose the flags you like and installer does the rest.
For detailed installation instructions see below…

Installation Guide

WOT-folder: normally C:\Games\World_of_Tanks

Installation Guide (prerequisites)

installer needs JAVA to run correctly (if not installed, installer leads you to official JAVA website)
installer tries to detect your WOT-folder (if fails, please insert correct folder)

Installation Guide FlagsLib.swf

start the installer and select the flags you like (each country has a standard flag and - if possible - alternatives)
the installer creates FlagsLib.swf and some folders in your <WOT-folder>\gui...

No more manual copying, handling Jpexs, … needed. ;-)

Change Log

  • 1.6
    updated folder number to added new flags for belarus and germany
  • 1.5
    updated folder number to
  • 1.7
    updated folder number to
  • 1.8
    updated folder number to
  • 1.7
    updated folder number to
  • 1.6
    updated folder number to
  • 1.6
    updated folder number to
  • 1.6
    added alternative flags: - chinese ground forces flag - flag of bohemia and moravia - german flag and german flag with coat of arms
  • 1.5
    updated mod to
  • 1.3
    build installer to easily create FlagsLib.swf
  • 1.2
    added alternative flags: - italian war flag - uk flag with coat of arms - russian flag with coat of arms
  • 1.1
    updated folder numbers to
  • 1.0
    completely new version (combination from mods "DEbranded's flagsLib" and "DEbranded's flagsLib templates")
  • 1.4
    - bugfixing on russian flag - smaller optimizations of installer script


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