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by ShuraBB
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Mod version 18.3 Game version
Was updated: Feb, 8
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Features mod:
Filtering “combat commands” (Note the square, Help, Attack, etc.):

  • Filtering messages from commands in chat
  • Filtering clicks on the minimap (ping spams)
  • Filtering display commands on the minimap
  • Setting the filter restrictions (command type, number, delay time, the type of combat)
  • Ability to block teams from killed allies
  • Setting the time flashing of the highlighted square on the minimap

Filtering messages in the combat chat:

  • Filtering messages by given pattern, including using regular expressions
  • The ability to block messages from players killed
  • AutoCorrect posts in a predetermined pattern
  • Setting the filter restrictions (number, time delay type of combat)
  • Setting the time is displayed, and the time of its “dissolution”
  • The ability to completely turn off chat in replays
  • Dimensionless “black list” (with cleaning function)
  • Message filter dynamic platoons
  • Custom Filter pop-up messages in the hangar
  • Intelligent Message Filter in the channel system, including using regular expressions
  • Intelligent Message Filter on the minimap
  • Intelligent Message Filter on the equipment panel
  • Disabling the destruction of tanks message: “The car is destroyed …”;

To support the author and help in the development of mod can be in the following ways:
MasterCard: 5106211018429576
Yandex-Money: https://money.yandex.ru/to/410013932903103
PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/shurabb
WMR: R051923559108
WMZ: Z312682149663

Installation Guide

  • unpack the archive into an arbitrary folder
  • rewrite the res_mods folder from the archive to the WoT directory

Change log

  • 18.3
    - Адаптация к релизу
  • 18.3
    - Адаптация к патчу
  • 18.3
    - Адаптация к патчу
  • 18.3
    - Адаптация к релизу
  • 18.3
    - Адаптация к патчу
  • 18.3
    - Адаптация к релизу
  • 18.2
    - Адаптация к релизу
  • 18.2
    - Адаптация к релизу - Обновление библиотеки SDK (расширены возможности загрузчика конфигов)
  • 18.2
    - Добавлена функция очистки "Черного списка" по горячей клавише (по умолчанию F12)


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