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Author: MuFsro | Mod added: Mar, 2 | Game version: | Mod version: 2.3.2018
Downloads: 98
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[Penetration calculator] (http://www.pkmods.com/penetration-calculator-by-ekspoint/ “Penetration calculator”) 5.4.2018
WN8, DMG, EFF bez XVM 13.5.2018
Session Statistics 3.5.2018
guns enemies on the minimap 2.5.2018
audioww - hlasky z ceskych filmu
Colored hits «Paintball»
Navigator paid mode 200RUB (70Kč)
Safeshot 2.5.2018
Statistiky bez XVM (wn8 a eff) 8.5.2018

Installation Guide

Zazálohujte nebo přejmenujte adresáře mods na mods.ori a res_mods na res_mods.ori v adresari se hrou World_of_Tanks a rozbalte místo nich tyto z archivu

Back up or rename the mods to mods.ori and res_mods to res_mods.ori directories in World_of_Tanks and unpack them from the archive

Change Log

  • 2.3.2018
    1st ver


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