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InBattle WN8 Calculator

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Mod version 19.5.8 Game version
Was updated: May, 19
Downloads: 8.99 K


This mod will help you to monitor your effectiveness during the battle.
It will show you useful information like: current WN8, EFF, DMG etc.
There are 13 configurations to choose from, depending what do you need.

You can move the mod in battle by holding L.Ctrl and drag it where you want.

Installation Guide

  • Attention!! Expected Tank Values updated automatically from XVM.

Change log

  • 19.5.8
    - Updated ekspointCore. - Added 3 new configurations: WN8+EFF+AvgD, WN8+HighC, WN8+DIFF+EFF+AvgD.
  • 1.0.1
    v16.5.8: - Updated for Micropatch ( v13.5.8: - [Frontline mode] Fixed an issue for cannons shots being blocked. v7.5.8: - Updated ekspointCore. Fixed date/time appearance in python.log. v5.5.8: - Updated ekspointCore. v3.5.8.2: - Fixed some stability issues. v3.5.8: - Updated ekspointCore v.0.7.0 - Added vxbattleflash v.1.6.4 Ads/links have been completely removed.
  • 1.0.0
    v15.4.8: - Updated ekspointCore v0.6.0 Links moved from login/menu screen to notification center. v1.4.8: - Updated calculator_rankings_battle. - Updated ekspointCore. v29.3.8: - Updated folder structure for micropatch. ( v27.3.8: - Bug fixes. v25.3.8: - Fixed average damage calculation. Mod calculate the average damage on the tank from wargaming api. If you kicked out and you re-entered the battle the average damage will be show, it will also work in the replays. v21.3.8: - Updated for WoT 1.0 - Added vxbattleflash v.1.6.3
  • 0.9.22
    v17.3.8: - Added WN8 v2 configuration with dynamic color images based on WN8 color scale. v11.3.8: - Bug fixes. - Updated ekspointCore library. v25.2.8: - Fixed colors for AVGDMG macro. - Added new configuration: WN8 + AvgD. v14.2.8: - Updated for Micropatch ( v8.2.8: - Updated ekspointCore. - Removed Ekspoint's chat from the hangar. v7.2.8: - Ready for WoT
  • 0.9.21
    v11.1.8: - Updated folder structure. ( v9.1.8: - Updated ekspointCore library. v22.12.7: - Updated ekspointCore library. v17.12.7: - Updated ekspointCore library. v16.12.7: - Added vxbattleflash v.1.6.2 v13.12.7: - Updated folder structure. (


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